DOODLE: Lunar Gala 2023
I’ve had the nickname “Doodle” since childhood, a time in my life that held too many fleeting moments to count. In making this line, I aimed to reflect the essence of my early years, which is where my love for creativity began.
My favorite parts of Lunar Gala were spent with my friends, either in my room until the early hours of the morning or backstage during the show. We all worked together to bring this line to life. LG culminated everything I love about these past 4 years, and I think younger Doodle would be so very proud
March 2023
The Eras Dress (Juju's Version)
My best friend Julia not only secured tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert, but she commissioned me to make her a dress as well! Each pattern contains imagery that represents Julia's favorite song off of each of Taylor's 10 albums. 
This was my first time making jewelry and beaded embroidery! The red choker represents Taylor's red scarf, which she references in her song "All Too Well". The beaded belt contains one of Julia's favorite lyrics from the song "august".
April 2023
The "Piece of You in How I Dress"
I wore this dress to Harry Styles' "Harryween" Concert at Madison Square Garden, where fans were urged to wear fancy dresses. It is a patchwork dress consisting of patterns inspired by imagery from every song on his "Fine Line" album. The silhouette was inspired by Harry's own personal style. 
October 2021
Go Go Ghost
Go Go Ghost started as a Halloween costume and morphed into a beloved character in my life. We hang out every October! 
Costume Design and Construction by Emma Pollet
Photography and Editing by J.D. Hopper
Lighting Design by J.D. Hopper
October 2020
DG Racing Jacket
Buggy is a racing sport unique to Carnegie Mellon, and my sorority, Delta Gamma, is the only all-female team. As Director of Apparel, I designed our racing jackets!
Our team was featured on the cover of The Anchora, which is Delta Gamma's national publication.
April 2022
The Christian Pants
I styled Christian Butler, the lead singer of Louisiana-based band Neon Luck, which included custom pants!
August 2022
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